Eightercua Stone Row




N 51° 48' 53.4"   W 010° 09' 30.48"

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V 51185 64713

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Tuesday 14 June 2016

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The stone row stands at the northwest side of an almost semicircular enclosure. Some of the stones of this enclosure are visible in the photo.

I had seen several photos of this stone row but couldn't imagine how close to a town and how easy to access it was.
Driving into Waterville from Caherdaniel makes it nearly impossible to miss it, unless the weather is so poor to hide it in the rain.
There are 4 tall stones aligned northeast-southwest (60°-240°) over a length of 8.50 metres.
The tallest stone is at the southwest end and measures 3.15 metres in height and 1.65 metres in width. It has a curious notch at the base on its east edge. The second stone is 3.15 metres tall and 1.50 metres wide. The third stone is 1.70 metres tall and about 70 centimetres wide. The fourth stone is at the northeast end, and is 1.85 metres tall, 1.73 wide at the base and tapering to the top at about 60 centimetres.
From the stones departs the semicircular outline of an enclosure. Several stones poke out from the ground, one next to the other and a few of them are rather well visible and big. Other stones lie next to the giant upright stones. One lies flat in front of the southwest stone, another one stands axially to the third stone and seems to be propping it, another flat stone lies between the third and the fourth upright stones.
According to a mythological tradition the site of Eightercua was erected around 1700 BC, and it is thought to be the burial place of Scéine, wife of Amergin mac Míled, the leader of the Milesian, the last invaders of Ireland.

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